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Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby Wah Review

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby Wah ReviewFrom this review, one understands why the wah denotes a fusion of classical and revolutionary musical effects. Slash applied the elements in his music, and he came up with a wah that represented his fantasies.

Dunlop SW95 Slash Wah Pedal descends from the cry baby wah that had a high level popularity in the 1960s. It is a representation of a more refined musical effect that aims at gaining more mileage and popularity than the former. The wah has features that bring clarity to a guitar tone.

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The Slash Signature Review

High Gain Circuit

This feature makes the pedal to stand out from the rest. It enables that wah to produce a unique and different sound. What comes out is a screaming tone that depicts a high gain distortion. The feature also makes the wah to produce a lead tone that cuts through the air.

The fasel-loaded classic circuit does wonders on the effects that the wah produces. The wah is an icon of a hard rock style that its Slash adored. This feature explains why Slash used it his single Marshall and Cutaway amp.

It is all about giving music the intended pitch that takes one back to the classic moments, but relates well with the current musical expectations. The intertwining sound gives music a unique touch that fuses modernity with classical elements.


The SW95 has a metallic finish that is red and hot rod. The finish makes the wah to represent a class of its own. It captures every eye, and it brings a musical sensation that rivals to none.

Additionally, the wah has a circuit design that is cutting edge. This feature makes the wah to become a technologically aligned piece that delivers a high performance.

LED indicator

It has IED indicators that show when the distortion is on or off. The indicators also show a user whether the wah is on or off. It is such a convenience to keep on guessing about the functionality of a wah.

A musical stage calls for the right effects. The LED indication on the wah augers well with the stage lighting, and it makes the wah to fit in very well. The indication brings life to the notes that the wah produces.

Easy access of the batteries

No screwdriver that comes in handy when one needs to access the batteries. All that one needs to do is to open the battery compartment that sits atop the rocker pedal. Re-powering a wah has never been this easy. Gone are the days when fumbling through a toolbox for a screwdriver in order to open a battery compartment.

Tuned Specs

With this pedal, it is easy to attain a midrange focus that is has an upper level. It is also possible to get an instant sparkle. The wah comes ready for the beat, and all that a user does is to place their boot on the pedal and feel the tune.

This feature makes the wah to stand ready always for a performance. It also reduces the preparation time and test time. All a user does is to put it on, and play music. Additionally, anyone who does not about the wahs can comfortably purchase it because it comes ready for music.


“It includes an 18-volt operation setting. This feature gives the wah a more headroom as well as clarity. The feature also depicts power-friendliness that not only saves costs, but also other resources.

The power level enables the wah to synchronize with other accompaniments. This characteristic makes it accommodating especially with a soundboard. Notably, Slash used to use his wah with a soundboard.

Heralded Fasel Inductor

This feature makes this pedal to produce a singing and sweet top end. The tones that the Dunlop wah wah pedal produces are music to the ears. Getting the 80s and 90s metal/rock notes is now easy.

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2 thoughts to “Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby Wah Review”

  1. I have tried many diff wha pedals.. This SW 95 has won hands down.
    You can adjust the contour to get that nasly tone , vowel tone, And having the pedal
    in that sweet spot, Steve Hunter tone on such Tunes same ol song & dance, train kept a rollin He did for Aerosmith… And Sweet Jane, ala Lou Reed .. and The Pedal can adjust for any other rock tunes perfectly.
    It a very quiet pedal Too. It has a fuzz feature Nailin down intro to foxey lady intro Many More as well
    Trust me give this Wha pedal a try..The down side is it takes 2/ 9 volt batteries
    I Bought the 18 volt pwr supply..
    Keep Rocking Metro Gnome…

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