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Dunlop Crybaby DB-01 Review

Dunlop Crybaby DB-01 Dime Crybaby From Hell Wah Pedal ReviewThe Wah pedal has over the years become one of the distinctive sounds of metal music, and gear manufacturers are keen on capitalizing on this trend. Among these companies is Dunlop, which has adapted its Crybaby to suit metal heads. Efforts from the company’s specialists have produced the Dunlop DB-01 Dime Crybaby, a hot-rodded wah pedal that’s already earned a reputation in the metal music community.

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Crybaby DB-01 Review

Much of the Crybaby shape most users are already familiar with has been retained in the DB-01, albeit with some pronounced hues of camouflage. While mainstream opinions associate the latter with amateur products, one quickly realizes this is far from the case once they hit the pedal. Despite its superb tone and range of sweep, the pedal isn’t susceptible to the hissy high ends typical of (some of) its counterparts. All the 5 adjustable frequency ranges for the wah effect are pretty much clean and rounded, not to mention the kick-in volume boost that most lead guitarists will surely appreciate.

It has a switchable output jack functionality that offers more flexibility in terms of setup. If it suits you, you could have both the output and input jacks on the same side, or have the output on a lower jack. This is all thanks to a special input/output jack located on the left side, close to the heel of the wah. The purpose of this extra jack is to make the pedal easier to use, since one doesn’t have to loop a cord around it. Whether you find this necessary or see it as just an over-the-top peripheral, you’ll certainly agree that it could come in handy in certain scenarios.

Among the basic features that distinguish it from the competition are 3 small knobs, including:

  • The variable Q adjustment knob: This adjusts the shape of the filter peak to sharpen the ‘AH’ or make it duller-sounding. Lowering the setting decreases the vocal element of the wah, which makes it more subtle compared to what you get when it’s turned up
  • The volume knob: This controls the loudness of the guitar signal whenever the boost circuit in the wah is activated
  • The fine-tuning adjustment knob: This controls the range of the higher end of the sweep. In simpler terms, it works pretty much like a tone knob; a higher range translates to a brighter sound, and vice-versa

Some extra features

  • Slide-proof: The pedal has skateboard skid-tape on it instead of rubber. This virtually eliminates the risk of sliding across the top of the pedal area when one has wet shoes
  • LED indicators: With these, you’ll always have the ability to view the status, even on dark stages. Plus, they’re conveniently placed at the back of the pedal so one can view them from the back of the stage
  • Can be powered by a 9V battery, besides the stock adapter

To say the least, it goes above and beyond your average pedal, whether vintage or modern. In fact, there’s so much extra versatility that settling for a setup can be somewhat tricky, but most people will love it nevertheless. It may take time, but you’ll find your way to the perfect setting to hit the bottom and top perfectly, thanks to the multi-position switch and the finer tuners.

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Should You Buy It?

Are you looking for something that goes a little further beyond what your basic wah pedal offers? Well, perhaps you should check out the best Crybaby wah DB-01 to see if it has what you’re seeking. As far as sound goes, there’s little you could complain about. Admittedly, it does suck a little bass, but this is usually the status quo with almost all stomp boxes. And if you prefer a classier paintjob, well, come on… the camouflage is just a small niggle on what is otherwise a fantastic wah pedal.  No matter your what your playing style is, or what songs you play, you can rest assured that it will give you virtually all kinds of sounds.

Anyone who likes incorporating wah into their playing will surely find something on the Crybaby DB-01 that suits their preferences. Of what you could want from your wah pedal, this one has it all, and then some. Thanks to the diverse range of effects offered by the pedal, you’ll certainly want to consider it next time you’re shopping for an addition on your pedalboard.

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