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Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Crybaby Review

Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Crybaby ReviewHaving the right wah pedal is paramount to creating amazing wah effects. While all guitar players have a wah pedal, some guitarists are able to make the best wah effect compared to others. The main reason why these guitarists are in a position to produce fantastic wah expressions and effects is they choose the best wah pedal such as the Dunlop BD95 model.

This pedal comes with various outstanding features to help guitar players when creating the wah effect. The following Dunlop BD95 review will give you a brief idea why this wah pedal is gaining popularity among modern day guitarists.

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Billy Duffy Crybaby Overview

Dunlop is a well known brand in the arena of guitar pedals. It offers a series of wah pedals to suit the varying needs of guitarists of all levels. Whether you are just starting out as a guitarist or have established your credibility as a professional guitar player, you may definitely want to buy a Dunlop wah pedal.

The BD95 unit comes with two different wah circuits in one pedal. You can select the desired wah effect via the kick switch. The vintage mode makes use of customized inductor mainly designed for Billy Duffy.


Dunlop takes utmost care in designing appealing pedals to catch the attention of potential buyers. With amazing body and attractive add-ons, the BD95 goes a long way in drawing the attention of guitarists and musicians. The design of the pedal is sleek yet robust.

The brand has always stressed on providing long lasting pedals. As such, you don’t need to invest your money and time again and again on buying a new pedal every once in a while. The BD95 wah pedal is a durable unit that will serve you for a long time with little care. No matter whether you use the unit occasionally or too often for your stage shows, the pedal will give you company without wearing out.

Voice and volume

The BD95 unit allows you to hit the music stage with two different wah tones in a single pedal. You may switch between two wah tones with the help of the kick switch on the side of the rugged chassis. Each wah tone uses its own inductor circuit for creating the wah effect.

The BD95 barks with the heavy voice of the sweetwater favorite 95Q wah. The vintage mode includes a warm sound, lower Q inductor, customized for Billy Duffy. Complete with auto return switch, adjustable bypass delay of the wah effect and internal frequency controls, the Dunlop BD95 model is a flexible, gig wah ready to use.

Sounds and other add-ons

The Billy Duffy 95 cry baby wah mixes two different wahs in one pedal. As such, you can create both classical as well as modern sounds as you like. The model comes with some outstanding features such as the aggressive, high Q inductor along with volume and Q controls. You may kick the switch and change to a vintage mode using a warm, low Q inductor, custom voiced for Billy based on one of his preferred vintage cry baby pedals.

The unit features a convenient auto return switch. You can step in and out during riffs and solos – using an internal control for setting the bypass delay while you lift the foot off the pedal. You will also find two other internal controls for adjusting the toe down frequency.

The final and the most exclusive element of the BD95 is the black rubber foot pad with the signature logo of Billy Duffy to rejoice his fans. Above all, the pedal is modestly priced to fit your budget. By expending a small amount, you can own this high quality wah pedal for creating vintage as well as modern wahs on the fly.

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Bottom line

Professional guitarists and musicians can be really choosy with respect to a wah pedal. The BD95 recognizes that and offers best features to assist guitarists in producing some of the best wah effects. Available in an eye catchy design with appealing additions, the BD95 is a must have for any guitarist, amateurs as well as professionals. With a number of useful add-ons as mentioned in the above Dunlop BD95 review, there is no reason why you should not get this Jim Dunlop wah pedal for boosting your music career.

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