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Dunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Crybaby Wah Review

Dunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Crybaby Wah ReviewThis Dunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby Wah Review acknowledges that the wah borrow heavily from Hendrix and Clapton, who were wah-wah masters. In honor of Buddy Guy, Dunlop came up with a pedal that bore his signature. The fame of Buddy came from his work with wah where he created a tasteful music.  It follows in the footsteps of Buddy Guy with both lyrical and creative performance. Whilst the BG95 honors a legendary guitar master, the following features make the BG95 superior.

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The Buddy Guy Signature Crybaby Review

Distinct tones

This pedal has two distinct tones: deep mode and BG mode. The deep mode produces a commanding and weighty sound with a low pass of up to 330Hz and a high pass of up to 1.6kHz. It makes the war to dominate the scene. The BG mode accommodates the lead work since it has a singing tone low pass of up to 390Hz and a high pass of up to 1.9 kHz.

The deep mode produces a throaty growl that is quite thrilling while the BG mode brings in Buddy into the room with his bell-like and warm tone. It is all about creating the blues vocabularies. Whenever it is time to sing stylish blues, this pedal makes it happen. When a user uses the features alternately, there is usually a domineering feeling as well as a chance to convey the musical message. It is all about capturing the full attention of the audience.

Fasel Inductor

This feature makes the wah to achieve a sweet top end. One easily gets on the top of the beat without altering the clarity of the tones. It is all about hitting the high notes without any interruption.


The power features makes it adaptive. A user has an option to use an AC adapter or a 9 volt battery that is single. The battery power option makes the wah to become ideal for standby performance when the power goes off. It means that nothing stops the performance, and music goes on and on while the beat lasts.

LED Indicators

There is no more guesswork on whether the effects are functioning during a musical session. A BG95 user can easily notices the current mode and whether the effects are on or off.

The LED indicators also look great while the wah user performs on a stage. There is no worry about a dimly lit stage since the environment does not affect the set up.


The polka-dot look makes it have a stylish and eye capturing beauty. It is a finish that denotes the unrivaled performance. The polka-dot look bears the approval signature of Buddy Guy. The approval gives the look of the wah a mileage when it comes to its authenticity.

Notably, the polka-dot look makes a user to become noticed. The look has a striking effect that makes it stand out on the stage. All a user has to do is to step on the pedal, bring music to life, and let the audience nod their heads with an approval.


Dunlop Manufacturing is among the leaders of the Jim Dunlop wah wah pedal technology. They get a top-notch product that features the most efficient technology that pedals require.

Filter parameters

It has an input impendence of 1MEG while its output impendence is 4.7K. It maximum input level stands at 6dBM, and its maximum output level is 7dBm. When the toe is down for maximum gain, the wah produces 16dB whereas a heel down also produces the same output 16dB. The heel down S/N goes up to 96dBV while a toe down yields 95dBV. It also has a true hard wire bypass as its bypass configuration.

Final words

Given the said features, it is a reality that the Dunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby Wah adds mastery to playing blues. The legends have endorsed it, and nothing lowers its high quality performance.

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