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Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Signature Crybaby Wah Review

A lot of people are pursuing a career as a guitarist. However, not many of them are able to attain desired levels of success. On the flip side, certain amateurs are in a position to achieve fame and money just like professional guitarists. The key reason for the success of these newbie guitarists is they choose the best pedal for creating soft wah tones. If you wish to attain huge success as a guitarist, consider buying the Dunlop KH95  pedal.


Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Signature Crybaby Wah ReviewThe KH95 is a signature wah pedal of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and as such, you get a feeling of stepping on the wah of Kirk Hammett. Dunlop built the model in line with the preferences of Kirk so you could be sure you will get the same feeling like that of Kirk’s when you step on the pedal.

The unit allows you to create some of the best wahs preferred by Kirk himself. With one stomp on the KH95, you get the iconic tone injected into your rig. The unit is designed in close collaboration with the metal guitarist, completely tuned and tweaked to attain the wah sound that defines his metal solos.

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Like its other effects pedals, Dunlop has taken great care in building a robust structure of the pedal. With appealing design in green finish, the wah goes a long way in drawing the attention of Kirk’s fans and guitar enthusiasts who are eagerly looking for a quality effects pedal. With clever coloring, the model is intriguing enough to motivate potential buyers to pick the unit.

As far as durability is concerned, the KH95 is yet another robust model created by Dunlop. In fact, durability has been the prime feature of Dunlop pedals since years, and this is no exception to this Dunlop rule. No matter whether you are a guitar enthusiast who wishes to play the guitar occasionally or a professional player looking for a metal wah, it will live up to your expectations.

It will give you companionship for years and allow you to produce wah effects matching the tastes of Kirk Hammett. Cleaning and maintenance of the unit is never a problem. You can easily wipe off any dust or debris using a damp piece of cloth. With proper care, you can enjoy the services of the pedal for years to generate top class metal wahs you ever wished.


The pedal comes with a series of exceptional features to rejoice any guitarist. It is well suited to the metallic sound. The model doesn’t generate a lot of highs; it is a softer sound with much less quack than other effects pedals. Powering the unit is easy using a simple 9V battery.

This pedal includes a true bypass on-off switch. You will love the skeleton foot graphics while stepping on the pedal. The most striking feature of the model is its even tone. The even tonal response implies that all of your notes will be heard equally. The soft, mid range tonal boost is a feature that distinguishes this metallic wah from other pedals.

Dunlop products are always priced in the mid range. They are neither too cheap nor too pricey, and this holds true. In return for a modest price, you can pick an ideal pedal for producing metallic wahs as generated by Kirk. Even if you are not a weird fan of Kirk, you will be happy to buy the KH95 as you will get the metal wah tone you are just looking for. Above all, the pedal is made by a company that is tried and tested by guitarists for years.

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Closing thoughts

Creating good wah sounds is not really difficult, but producing some great soft wahs is just not easy. You ought to have the right wah pedal to generate best wah tones produced by professional and well known guitarists. If you are not sure about picking the right effects pedal, try the Dunlop KH95. With a host of fantastic features as mentioned in the above Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett signature Cry Baby wah review, there is no reason why you should not have this Dunlop wah pedal for creating innovative metal wah tones.

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