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Morley Steve Vai Liberty Wah Review

Morley Steve Vai Liberty Wah ReviewGuitarists nowadays have felt the need to refine the quality of tones that their instruments can produce. As a result, quite a number of filters and pedals have been developed in the past decades to suit unique needs of many legendary artists. The pedal is one of the amazing inventions that have revolutionized how the guitar is used as an instrument.

The wah is a type of guitar special effect pedal that is used to alter the tone signal in order to create a typical effect that resembles that of a human voice.  The frequency created from the pedal sweep is commonly referred to as the effect.  The Morley Steve Vai Liberty Wah is a pedal that is famous for bringing its own special feel to the whole guitar musical experience.

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The Steve Vai Liberty Wah Review

The origin

This is a limited edition special effects pedal that is designed to produce similar tones and frequency as the original Bad Horsie Wah. It was designed to suit the musical needs of Steve vai while also enabling conventional guitarists to refine their musical output.

Design elements

The pedal features a unique and conspicuous design that sets it apart from other brands in the market. The top of this model features a graphical American flag with a rugged metal shell. This design element was adopted as a symbol of solidarity and support to the country’s military personnel. This pedal is molded to suit the precise specifications of Steve Vai and is also equipped with Morley’s special effects such as the electro-circuit to further boost its handling.

Key features

According to the custom specifications, the pedal comes equipped with a LED indicator. The pedal also has an easy to access battery compartment for easy charging when travel is involved. More to it features a switchless design that is activated by simply stepping on to activate and step off to bypass. The pedal also sports 2 foot select-able wah modes, the contour wah and the Bad Horsie. The special circuitry by Morley limits signal loading thus enabling guitarists to achieve superior tones. The dimensions of this particular Morley wah wah pedal are suited to enable portability.

How to use this wah pedal

In order to realize the astounding capabilities of the pedal, users need to familiarize themselves with how the pedal works.  This particular pedal has no switch which makes easier to use and learn. To engage the wah effect, one needs to step on the pedal and to step off in order to create bypass. To further boost the performance capabilities of this pedal it is occasionally used in combination with other accessories such as high power supply adapters and classic instrument cables.

Features that make it stand out

Other than being a great sounding wah, this pedal has been credited for having an almost immediate response to guitarists. One of the selling points is the fact that it is significantly reduces signal delay therefore making it possible to produce high quality tones. The fact that this pedal lacks a switch makes it easier for beginner guitarists to get familiar with its usage. The build quality of this model features steel accents which make it very durable while providing the desired added value. The respectable two year warranty is also a key selling point of this pedal. The pedal has a wide expressive sweep that enables guitarists to seamlessly shift between high and low frequency tones without compromising the quality of musical output.

Performance rating

According to other reviews, guitarists who have chosen to use this wah noted that it has vastly improved their instrument experience. As a result these recommendations have led to the rising popularity of this pedal especially among the upcoming guitarists. The auto switching feature of this has drawn the attention of modern guitarists due to the absence of noise that is present when engaging wah that lack the auto switch. The auto switch feature also makes this pedal more fun and inspiring to work with even among older generations of guitarists.

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