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Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Review

With over 30 years in music and vast experience from traversing the world, George Lynch is an icon in this Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Review. His experience makes him a respected endorsee of finest musical equipment in the world. George endorsed the Dragon 2 wah, and this move makes the wah stand out as one of the finest pedals that the musical world hosts.

Is it the switchless mode that makes this wah special, or is it because of its two wah modes? This review shows that every feature that the Dragon 2 has makes it unique.

Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Review

Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah ReviewWah modes

This type of wah has two modes: wah and wow. The wah mode is a standard tone that has a bit of gain. It is enhanced to deliver a higher quality tone than the standard level. On the other hand, the wow mode has a more pronunciation and voice. It brings a sensational feeling that neither the wah, nor the standard tone can manage to deliver.

It is possible to lock the modes. Whenever a user needs to use a similar mode for the entire play session, all they need to do is to switch the effect in to a lock mode. This feature prevents a sudden shift of the mode in between the music time.

Nevertheless, the wow and the wah modes are a cut above the rest since they play at a higher level than a standard tone. Musicians who settle for Dragon 2 gain an extra bonus that standard-tone wahs do not offer. Pinch harmonics usually replace the normal effects when one uses the Dragon 2 wah.

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Level Knob

The effect modes do not function at a defined level. There is flexibility in raising or lowering the mode level in accordance with the users taste and preference. There are up to 15 dB to settle on when using either the Morely wah or the wow mode.


One gets uninterrupted high quality tone delivery while using the Dragon 2 due to lack of scratches or wearing out of the pathway. It means that one gets quality tonal delivery in to the unforeseeable future.


There is no need to fumble for a switch when turning the Dragon 2 on or off. It comes ready for performance once the plugging takes place. A user gets more time to raise quality beats rather than to check whether than the wah is on or off. This level of preparedness is unmatched, and it matches with ready-made enjoyment.

LED Indicators

The switching on and off the effects of the wah has a related action of the LED indicators. Lit indicators denote that the effects are on. It does not take a keen ear to note that the effects apply in the beats. It only takes an eyes cast on the indicators and observe whether they are lit or not.


This wah dons Orange color similar to the Morley Tripler and related graphics from Lynch. The color creates a warm feeling that auger well with fun that the music making session requires. The serial numbers of the Wah bear a personal autograph from Lynch. There is a related personal touch from music legendary, and it makes the wah to have a sentimental value that is priceless.


For very Dragon 2 wah that one acquires, there is a related certificate of authenticity. Gone are the days when guessing dominated the assessment of authenticity. The certificate enables one to have quality in the same way the makers of the wah intended to deliver. It is a seal of quality that ensures that a user gets the original version.


Portability is a guarantee. The wah weighs 4 lbs, and it measures 11″ x 7″ x 3″. A user does not move around looking for a space on the stage where the wah will rest. Moving the wah from one point to another is also easy. These features enables a guitarist to reserve energy for coming up with bubbly musical beats instead of using it to move the wah. Given the features, it is undoubted that the Dragon 2 wah has special capabilities unique to its kind only.

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