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Dunlop JC95 Jerry Cantrell Wah Review

Dunlop JC95 Jerry Cantrell Wah ReviewWith the growing craze of music, more and more people are pursuing a career as a guitarist. To cater to the varying needs of guitarists, a number of brands are offering instruments that help to create innovative sounds as desired. However, choosing the right effects pedal is paramount to creating amazing tunes. It is here a quality wah pedal such as Dunlop JC95 comes into the picture to help you with fine wah tuning. The following Jim Dunlop JC95 Jerry Cantrell wah review will let you know why this wah pedal is a must have for guitarists and music enthusiasts.

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Jerry Cantrell Wah JC95 Overview

The Dunlop JC95 wah pedal provides the kind of wide dark response preferred by Jerry. The Cantrell signature wah is custom voiced for a punchy, tight, heel down guitar tone. A rugged side control knob allows you to fine tune the toe down frequency. With antique, oxidized brass casting and customized Alice in Chains tread, the JC95 is a wah pedal that simply looks as good as it sounds.

You can power the pedal with a single 9V battery (accessible via the pedal bottom), Dunlop DCB 10 DC brick power supply or a Dunlop EC8003 AC adaptor. The powering device doesn’t come with the pedal. You have to buy it separately to run the wah pedal.

The pedal includes an adjustable fine tune knob for ceiling the level of frequency while the guitar is being played. Other additions include top class input and output jacks and heavy duty bypass switch. The brand has ensured that it lives up to the expectations of the fans of Cantrell while crafting this fine tune wah pedal.


The pedal is built to offer flexibility for creating subtle sound effects. It is easily tunable with varying sounds to alter and modify tunes as you like. The look and construction of the pedal is alluring and bound to attract the attention of potential buyers. The Cantrell is a heel down style, which is easy and simple for creating Cream style swells with. It doesn’t bottom out or get mushy like other wah pedals.

Just like other models of Dunlop, the JC95 is made to last longer. Once purchased, you can enjoy the services of the wah pedal for a long time with little care. The pedal is reasonably priced to fit perfectly in the budget of all levels of guitarists and music enthusiasts.


What makes this wah pedal so dynamic is the fact that it is able to emulate the frequency filtering that occurs in a human voice in the most effective manner. The two main things that determine the sonic print of any pedal are the width of the filter and its range. While both parameters are applicable to JC95, the pedal is unique in the point that it is narrow in width; it is capable of creating drastic, sharp and focused wah effect.

The other factor that is unique to this wah pedal is its range of frequency to sweep across. JC95 has a wide range of frequency, allowing it to dive way down to 350 hertz (Hz) to give your solos punch and full body. The pedal features a knob to set the ceiling of the frequency. The minimum ceiling frequency you can set with the knob is 1,000 Hz, whereas the maximum ceiling is around 2,000 Hz.

Despite being narrow, the range of JC95 is slightly wider and darker compared to other pedals in the same line. This particular characteristic of the pedal allows you a wealth of creative expressions. With the moody riffs of Cantrell in mind, Dunlop has crafted a great pedal to pay tribute to the unique style of Cantrell. If you are really enthusiastic about mimicking Cantrell, then you will definitely find JC95 pedal’s beautiful voicing and wide sonic range inspire creative playing.

Final words

Thus, the above Jim Dunlop wah JC95 Jerry Cantrell wah review clearly outlines why the pedal is a perfect fit for modern guitarists. Ability to create and modify wonderful sounds, exceptional features, longevity and reasonable pricing are some of the highlighting benefits of JC95. Due to these reasons, most of the guitarists prefer to buy this pedal. If you wish to produce unique and fine creative wah expressions with your guitar, consider buying the Dunlop JC95 and you could generate some of the best tunes ever created.

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