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Vox Wah Pedals

VOX Amplification has a very legendary sound that is all its own. The legendary sound came into being a while back, and it was due to one man, this man was no other than Dick Denney.

A Detailed History Of The Vox Guitar Effect Company

The Vox AC30 amplifier
The Vox AC30 amplifier

Who is Dick Denney? Dick Denney was a young amplifier designer with a dream. His dream was to present a unique kind of sound. The unique kind of sound would come to be known as the VOX one. The very History Of The Vox Guitar Effect company is all about Dick Denney and his dream.

Denney knew guitars like the back of his hand. He started working in 1957 for England’s JMI Corporation. The JMI Corporation became Denney’s place to design an amplifier with the help of JMI’s staff to help him put it all together. The pulse on the world of the electric guitar in the late 1950s was about to change and become something totally new and different.

Dick Denney, along with JMI’s staff, were able to come up with a special amplifier that was capable of doing things that other amplifiers of the time period weren’t able to do. What were these things? These things were no other than being able to successfully offer the volume and be able to sustain it for the guitarists who were hoping for an effect of this type. It was the one effect that many guitarists of this era were craving and did want badly.

A new amplifier called AC1/15

The new amplifier for JMI was introduced officially to the world in January of 1958. This amplifier, was called the AC1/15, and did mark the very first time that the VOX name did appear on an actual guitar amplifier. Denney wanted this amplifier to be everything that it should be. What he did was to first widen the dimensions of the amplifier’s cabinet. He also went on to add an additional speaker to it as well. The amplifier that was updated with more features came to be known as the AC30/4 Twin. The AC30/4 Twin did boast of, not only having 30 watts, but also 4 inputs, 2 12′ inch Celestion speakers, and two channels. These two channels were called Normal and Vibrato.

The AC30/4 Twin became a truly big hit among those that were Rock and Rollers in London. What it also did was something else. What was this amazing something else? It went on to establish VOX right away as being the most desired of all amplifier brands in Great Britain.

Vox meets The Beatles

Thus, does begin the awesome history associated with VOX, and there was one more event that would seal/secure the History Of The Vox Guitar Effect company for always. What was it? In July of 1962, there were two young men from Liverpool, who would go on to acquire their very first set of VOX amplifiers. These two lads were no other than belonging to the famed British rock group called The Beatles.

The two VOX amplifiers they purchased were the an AC15 Twin and a Top Boost AC30 equipped Twin. In the latter part of 1962, this group would come from the studio with a recorded song called “Love Me Do,” and this famous song would go on to change the face of rock and roll for all time. The jangling guitars of The Beatles would become the one unforgettable sound that would set the standard sound for a great guitar sound for decades to come. Because of this song, and the frenzy associated with it, the VOX amplifier would go on to become the most sought after of all guitar amplifiers in the whole world.

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